Wood Fired Still
Moffat Distillery Pond
MOffat Distillery Nighttime

Early Beginnings

In 2020, we purchased the land to build the distillery. The sale was completed just as the country went into the first lockdown. We really got to know the land and discover the wildlife that lives there throughout the year.

MOffat Distillery - Land before build

Breaking Ground

Starting from scratch on a project is never easy. We were fortunate to meet some amazing people over the first year while we sat on an empty field. I think the universe saw the potential and really helped us to find the right people to help us build the distillery. We broke ground in March 2021.

Moffat Distillery Breaking Ground

A Place for People

The distillery was designed not only to make craft whisky and gin, but to allow people to come together and share the process. Most of our building is dedicated to people- we have a beautiful bar with plenty of seating around. The flexible design also will see many uses from music gigs, to whisky blending workshops, to private events.

Moffat Distillery Bar

Developing Our Process

From the beginning we wanted to build a small process that people could connect with in a more meaningful way. Our hands-on approach led us to a wood-fired process. The living flames that caress the copper wash still give our spirit a unique depth of character.

Wood Fired Stills