Cask Offers, Cask Shares and the Journey Bottle

No one in living history has ever tasted Scotch made in a still over direct wood fire. We are here to change this. On 26 April 2023, our first test batch of wood-fired wash was successfully distilled into low wines. This was done in our 60-litre copper pot still, Aodhnait. Our 350 litre wash still, Amelia, has taken over to produce slightly larger batches. It requires 6 runs to fill an American Standard Barrel. This is how we will be making whisky until we design and build our 1850 litre still, which will produce 1 American Standard Barrel per run.

There are a few ways you can join us for this journey. You can buy a cask, buy a share of a cask, buy an inaugural bottle, or show your support with one of our t-shirts! All options (aside from the t-shirt) allow you to taste the development of the whisky as it matures from new make spirit fresh off the still until year 7, which is when we think it will be ready for full enjoyment.

To learn more, please download our Journey to Wood-Fired Whisky brochure.

Download our Journey to Wood-Fired Whisky brochure